Our Journey

On May 27th 1983, Tiffiany Marie Olson arrived as my baby sister. My name is Derek James Olson. I am Tiffiany’s surviving brother. It is hard to put into words what I am feeling right now when I try to picture my sister.

Tiffiany and her brother Derek

I can say that I am truly blessed to have had such a person walk through my life. She was a very spunky kid who was usually in a great mood. As a child she was the little princess, going to ballet school and playing dress up with her dolls.

As she came into her teenage years, she did have a slightly rebellious stage. I do believe after this was when she really began to shed a light on people by the way she would treat them.

As I look back, she had such an aura when she would walk into a room. It was also very tough trying to keep boys away. I was always there to keep her eyes open and keep her steady on her course by showing her some of the skills that I had learned along the way. Tiffiany began to use some of the skills that various friends and family had taught her, and started using them in her everyday tasks work, play or life in general. Although she was taken from so many in the "blink of an eye," I just keep thinking that I know that my mother and I will someday see her again. She will be sadly missed by all, but gladly greeted when it is our time.

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