To Inform Families First

When emergencies happen

TIFF Mission Statement

The mission of TIFFs Initiative is to strengthen communication channels between emergency first responder agencies and families or other designated loved ones through expediting delivery of emergency contact information (ECI) on an as needed basis in critical situations.

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"In an emergency situation could law enforcement personnel contact someone for you?"

By being registered in your states emergency contact information system, they could. To see if your state has an emergency contact information system, click here.

To Inform Families First

TIFF's Initiative, To Change and Improve notification to families by law enforcement in the event of a emergency.

Bob Gibbons Testimonial:

"Signed family up for TIFF Initiative & was quickly notified when daughter hit by car, life threatening to make emergency decisions, and Georgia- Rose survived...damaged, but very much alive...Thanks TIFF"

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Christine's Journey

Tiffiany Olson

Tiffiany Olson died in a traffic accident on December 7th, 2005. Her mother was not contacted for six precious hours after the accident, because the contact information was not readily available to the officers at the scene.

Her mother Christine decided that was unacceptable, and sought to change the way the system worked...

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