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Two Simple Ways You Can Get Involved Today


By becoming an advocate you can help tell everyone about the simple, yet life-changing solution TIFF provides. You can do this by sharing it with everyone you know: friends, family, coworkers, church members and of course, on social media networks.


If TIFF is not yet available in your state, you can make it happen by contacting your state legislators and telling them about TIFF and asking them to help get it for your state. We can provide you with a template so it's fast and easy to do!


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We are always looking for volunteers! Let us know what your talents and interests are and we will find the perfect way for you to volunteer with us. When you join our team as a volunteer, you'll be changing the world, one family at a time.


Here are just a few ways to volunteer:

  • Join our board
  • Write grants
  • Research potential sponsors and partners
  • Send out emails and letters
  • Staff events/hand out flyers


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