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Kim Miele speaks on the importance of keeping your emergency contacts updated and current.
"To re-live that horrific night over and over that took my daughters life is the hardest thing I will ever endure, to know the hope it is and will bring to millions of families everywhere helps me continue to push forward." -Christine Olson, Tiff's Mom
Robyn and Georgia Gibbons
"Having the advantage of being notified quickly when a loved one is injured is exactly what happened because my daughter Georgia was signed up with the TIFF Initative. We were able to be by her side in a timely manner during that very crucial time after her accident." - Robyn Gibbons

This recent news story taking place in Florida says there is still much work to do. Our entire mission is to change how families are notified in an emergency, and make sure no one ever has to endure what I did that evening, December 7th 2005.

Tiff's Initiative was used to help this Florida family be notified after their son was involved in a serious crash. Have you registered yet? Taking 2 minutes today provides law enforcement that critical contact information.