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Back To School and Off To College

by Jennifer Mitchell

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Posted on Aug 12, 2019

It’s already August, which for many families means it’s time to head back to school. If you have a teenager or college student, this can be a somewhat daunting idea. As I write this, my sixteen-year-old just left to run a few errands. Of course I wrapped her in bubble wrap after setting the maximum speed in the car at 30mph before sending her on her way. Okay, I just thought about doing so. But I think about it every time she leaves the house. And if you’re a parent of a driver, you probably do too. The older kids get, the further they go from home, which can include college. Yet we all know people can get in accidents anywhere, anytime.

Statistics show that drivers under 20 years old comprise the most distracted drivers on the road. And even if your child isn’t one of those distracted by music, texting, calling, friends, or the deal at the local ice cream joint this week, they are on the road with those who are.



Auto accidents are the leading cause of death for people ages 15-20 years old. And about a fourth of those accidents are due to underage drinking.


Kids face so many adverse circumstances every time they get behind the wheel, whether they’re driving to school across the street or across the state, that it’s no wonder we’re compelled to keep them safe.

We at TIFF know how important it is to let your children spread their wings, take responsibility and begin to experience some real freedoms as they grow. We also know how important it is to have a safety net in place, even if your children don’t realize it. While we wish we could protect them from every unfortunate circumstance life throws their way, we do hope to offer a sense of security and assurance that you will know immediately if and when something happens to your child.




If your child is not registered with TIFF and they are in an accident (vehicular or otherwise), police won’t be able to let you know right away. The only information they’ll have is the address printed on your child’s license. This means that they will have to dispatch another officer to go to that address (presumably your home address) and hope you’re home so they can inform you of your child’s accident. If they can’t find you or contact you right away, life-altering decisions will be made by those at the scene of the accident who don’t even know your child.




However, if your child is registered with TIFF and is involved in an accident, your phone number will appear as soon as police at the scene run your child’s driver’s license through their car’s computer system (like swiping a credit card). Within minutes, you’ll receive a phone call and be able to make vital, life-saving decisions regarding your child, not to mention be on your way to be by their side as soon as possible.

Short of wrapping them in bubble wrap, we’re convinced this is one of the best ways to know that your child is safe while they’re out and about, spreading their wings. To trust that you’ll be contacted immediately in the event of an emergency means no news is good news.

So while you’re busy back to school shopping, prepping to move into a dorm, and collecting school supplies and class schedules, add just one more item to your list- quite possibly, it could be the one that matters most. Take 3 minutes to register your child FOR FREE with TIFF. be informed when it counts and make sure you’re there for your child when they need you. After all, bubble wrap will only take them so far in life.

“You never know you need it until YOU need it!” ~Jon Stuart, SCORE mentor

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