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Summer Travel

by Jennifer Mitchell

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Posted on May 27, 2019

Most of the time, in our day-to-day operations, my husband and I divide and conquer the local driving. He takes kids to school; I pick them up. He drives someone to basketball practice while I wait for softball to finish. We don’t often get to ride around together during our normal routine. So of course, we are each other’s emergency contact. If something happens to one of us while in the midst of a busy week, the other one will be notified immediately. It’s an awesome system.


However, now that summertime is here we, and many families like ours, are anticipating summer travel! Family car trips are a staple for a lot of families. We often drive to visit relatives because it’s so much cheaper than flying. Many families also take vacations this time of year, traveling to different states or to tourist locations (Disney, anyone?). This summer, we’re headed off on a new adventure. My husband and I were recently married but have not taken our honeymoon. We’ll be doing so just next week, which made me think: he’s my emergency contact and I’m his. We’re going on a cruise together for a week without any of our children. If something were to happen to both of us while we’re traveling together, the purpose of an emergency contact is sort of defeated. We’d each be contacted for the other one, which would get the authorities nowhere in terms of letting our children or extended family know where we are and in what condition. Given how many families travel together for summer vacations, this is possibly a real consideration for a lot of people.


If your family were in a serious accident while driving on vacation, who would know? And how quickly?


That’s the beauty of TIFF’s Initiative. Since it is so simple to register, and completely free, why not make a temporary change to our emergency contacts while we’re traveling together? We’ll each designate someone else as our emergency contact- switching names is simple and easy. Once we’re finished traveling and settled back into our routine, we can switch our contacts back, just as easily. Of all the details you tend to when preparing to travel, this might just be one of the easiest to do. And in the event of an emergency, will absolutely be one of the most critical. Do yourself, your family and your relatives a favor- keep your emergency contact information up-to-date as you travel this summer. Click here to register with TIFF’s Initiative.


Remember: “You’ll never know how much you need it until YOU need it.” ~Jon Stuart, SCORE mentor

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