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Volunteering Part 2

by Jennifer Mitchell

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Posted on Sep 26, 2019

Last time, we introduced several ways you can volunteer your resources to help spread the word about TIFF and what we do. Today, we want to mention some ways you can share your gifts and talents in ways that will promote this cause. We know you can offer something special, something no one else can. We need you and the unique gifts you bring to help us spread the word in meaningful, organic ways. Here are just a few suggestions our team comprised. What else can we mention? Comment below or email us with your own ideas! We’re open to new, innovative ideas and love to partner with you to bring them to life.


  1. Are you a journalist or blogger looking for a new story or angle? Talk to us! We’d love for you to run a story about what’s happening these days with TIFF (and there’s always something happening!). We’re also interested in hosting a guest blogger, and being guest bloggers on your site! How can we work together?
  2. Students need community service hours to graduate. We’re looking for volunteers at many of our outreach events and fundraisers. Do you know a student who can use some quick and easy volunteer service hours? Contact us and we’ll gladly include students in everything from stuffing envelopes and passing out TIFF bracelets to walking in parades and setting up informational tables. 
  3. Do you own a local business? Make sure all of your employees are registered, then help spread the word to customers and clients that you interact with regularly. We’re happy to promote you as a partner to our cause, the way we’re doing with Meals on Wheels.
  4. Are you in a position to sponsor a 5K or golf tournament fundraiser? Getting the community involved is a wonderful way to spread the word and provide an outlet for people to compete in their favorite sport! 
  5. Do you work or volunteer in a hospital or other medical facility already? This is a wonderful place to spread the word about TIFF, through literature and face-to-face conversations. Let us equip you to take TIFF with you where you’ll already be!


Keep in mind that we’re simply a catalyst, leading individuals to their state’s emergency response system. We do not actually take or ever see your vital, sensitive information- we just encourage citizens to provide contact information to their local Department of Motor Vehicles. What are some new and thoughtful ways you can bring TIFF with you wherever you go? How can you connect and draw in more people while promoting your own business or satisfying a passion of yours? We want to connect with you. We’re eager to explore new, creative ways to spread the news of TIFF. Join us and work together with our team to bring this message to the masses. Our goal is to see a state-wide emergency response system in every state, nationwide, and eventually throughout the world. Help use get there and bring your gifts and talents along for the ride!


“You never know you need it until YOU need it!” ~Jon Stuart, SCORE mentor

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