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Volunteering & Donating: How Can I Help?

by Jennifer Mitchell

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Posted on Sep 13, 2019

TIFF was created as a way to make emergency contact information more readily accessible in the event of an emergency.


A little background:

The Emergency Contact Information system allows law enforcement and first responders at the scene of an accident, disaster or other emergency situation to quickly and efficiently contact next of kin within minutes. This has been known to save lives (when a family member can quickly begin making decisions for the person in question) and has most certainly saved countless numbers of people from worry and sleepless nights. It also makes the job of law enforcement, state troopers, disaster relief personnel, medics, ER intake workers and numerous others who assist in emergency situations infinitely easier. Rather than spending hours or even days, in some cases, searching for a person’s next of kin to contact, they can find and notify that individual in literal minutes, saving our police, fire and EMT units immeasurable amounts of time, energy and money.

Often, once someone has learned about TIFF and sees the basic common sense in registering themselves and their family with our system, they’re left wanting to help, to do more… but they don’t know how. Here we will break down what you can do to help promote this life-changing system and help grow our awareness campaign, no matter what kind of resources, time or money you may or may not have.


  1. Donate Your Time. TIFF is largely based on knowledge and awareness, so simply having a presence at local events, passing out wristbands and literature, and stopping to chat with interested individuals is a huge way to get more people signed up. We are always looking for volunteers. Find out about volunteer opportunities in your area when you contact us here. We’ll let you know what’s going on and what kind of help we need each time an event occurs.

  2. Donate Your Money. While TIFF does not take a large amount of money to run, it is a non-profit organization and as such is always in need of funding just to keep moving forward. Financial donations are tax-deductible and go towards maintaining a virtual presence, creating literature to be distributed, travel, and operating expenses. Click here to donate financially to TIFF.

  3. Donate Your Instagram Account. In other words, use your own social media presence to spread the word. You don’t have to be a social media guru to share links, post photos and generally get the word out. We all know someone who knows someone… Talk about this. Encourage others. Ask your people to do the same, especially in states that don’t yet have TIFF. We’re eager to reach the nation and eventually the entire world, and social media networking just might be the phenomenon that marks this change.

  4. Donate Your Voice. Contact your local representative and leadership in your community and let this issue be heard. This ECI worksheet will help you know where to start and give you some talking points. (Hint: Your Department of Motor Vehicles is a great place to start!).


In this day and age, it seems ridiculous that anyone could go missing at all. However, natural disasters, mass shootings, human trafficking, as well as vehicular accidents or even medical emergencies cause people to become missing or unable to communicate all the time. Having a way to find someone you love immediately is important. If you ever find yourself in this situation, you’ll never think anything is as important as this. Take a moment to consider what you can do to be the change this year and make TIFF a standard operating procedure in every state.

“You never know you need it until YOU need it!” ~Jon Stuart, SCORE mentor

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