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Preparing for Life’s Storms

by Jennifer Mitchell

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Posted on Jun 24, 2019

June is the beginning of hurricane season, making us at TIFF remember so many instances of boarding windows, bagging sand, collecting flashlights and batteries, bottling water… preparing for a hurricane can be a big chore. Even worse, much of what we prepare for never even comes to pass. I’ve never had a broken window or flooded home due to a hurricane. But plenty of people have. How and when you prepare is crucial to the amount of devastation you’ll endure on the other side of the storm. Not only do we seek to protect our homes, we also carry home owners or renters’ insurance. We pack to evacuate and bring the pets. We realize, often intuitively, that there will be a point of no return, a point when it’s too late to prepare. A point when all you can do is rebuild. So we do everything we can ahead of time to reduce the amount of rebuilding, devastation and grief we could experience once destruction has hit.


If we take this much time and energy to protect our homes and belongings, all of which can eventually be replaced, how much more so should we ensure that the people we love most are protected at all times? Of course we cannot foresee every possible disaster, but we can do everything within our power to reduce the chances of it, to brace ourselves in the event of an emergency. We wear seatbelts, drive safely, carry insurance and obey traffic laws. And much like with hurricane preparedness measures, there can be a point of no return, when it’s too late to put those measures into place. Once the damage is done, all we can do is rebuild and repair as quickly as possible.


At TIFF’s Initiative, we wish we could prevent every tragedy and disaster. While that’s simply not possible, we do believe that you should be allowed to repair and rebuild as quickly as possible. When you and your loved ones are registered with TIFF, you can be sure that you will be notified within minutes in the event of a tragedy with a loved one. Often, time is of the essence, and bring informed quickly can lead to you being involved in life-saving decisions! You have the right to know that your loved one has been injured or otherwise faced disaster. You have the right to help make decisions and to be the one to inform others. But this will only be possible if you and your loved ones are registered BEFORE an emergency situation arises. Just like we prepare for horrific storms before they arrive, we have a responsibility to prepare for all of life’s tragedies before they strike. If you and your loved ones are not yet registered, we implore you to take 3 minutes and sign up for free here. If you have already registered, please pass this message on to 3-5 people you know who need to hear it. Together we can be part of the solution when a problem arises.


Remember: “You’ll never know how much you need it until YOU need it.”

~Jon Stuart, SCORE mentor


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Christine Olson2019-06-25

Always amazed Jen at your amazing writings on this Blog. You truly are a Champion of Change.