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Ambassador Spotlight - Jon Stuart

by Jennifer Mitchell

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Posted on Jun 12, 2018

This month, we’re highlighting an important member of our TIFF community. Jon Stuart has an extensive background in marketing and entrepreneurship. Included among his many accolades are the title of Administrative Manager for Xerox Corporation Area Sales Office in Indianapolis, IN, and 30 years as assistant professor at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, VA, where he also served 12 years as Internship and Placement Director for the NSU School of Business. Currently, Jon is an adjunct professor at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee campus, where he teaches Entrepreneurship and Marketing classes. He has been a SCORE mentor since 2005 and currently is a member of BIG- Big Ideas on the Gulf Coast.

SCORE is a free mentorship program designed to encourage small business and non-profit owners on their path to success by pairing them with mentors. Their mission is to foster vibrant small business communities through mentoring and education. This is where TIFF became important in Jon’s life, and Jon became an important influence to TIFF. In 2014, Christine Olson, founder of TIFF, reached out to SCORE looking for a mentor and was paired with Jon. Together, they worked initially on strategies to increase the number of people registered in the Florida Emergency Contact Information System. They are now more focused on spreading awareness of TIFF on a national and global level.

Jon is committed to working with Christine and TIFF as long as she sees the need for a mentor. Long-term goals for TIFF include having a registry in all 50 states, and to establish it as an international system. For Christine, Jon hopes to help establish her as the nationwide spokesperson for TIFF’s Initiative. He personally feels that the mission of TIFF- to bring global awareness to the issue of having Emergency Contact Information-  is very important and he gains tremendous personal satisfaction from helping Christine and TIFF’s Initiative grow.

TIFF is currently seeking to partner with other businesses and non-profits in which both mutually benefit from the partnership. If you would like your business or non-profit to participate in partnership with TIFF’s Initiative, please contact us at

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