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Ambassador Spotlight: Meet Jenny Morrison!

by Jennifer Mitchell

Posted in: Ambassador Spotlight
Posted on May 15, 2018

Meet Jenny Morrison, a new TIFF ambassador who came to us through the worst circumstances imaginable. But through her horrifying circumstances, Jenny is finding purpose in spreading the news about TIFF. Her hope is to save other families from the agony she endured.

Jenny learned about Christine Olson and TIFF’s Initiative after her husband lost his life in a fatal car accident. At the scene of the accident, there was confusion about his identification since his driver’s license was in his car (not on his person). Police traced the car he was driving to her father in Michigan. Since it was registered in his name, they believed for hours that her husband must have been from out-of-state. At the hospital, ER personnel came across a check in his pocket made out to him and ran his name through Florida’s Emergency Contact Information (ECI) system. Finally, Jenny was contacted regarding her husband’s whereabouts, but not soon enough. As she waited for over two and a half hours in the Emergency Room to even learn of her husband’s condition, the medical examiner was already wheeling his body out the back door. Eventually, a hospital chaplain came to Jenny in the ER waiting room and simply said, “I’m sorry.” Jenny says her biggest regret is not being able to see her husband one last time.

This unbelievably callous and incompetent manner of handling a death in the Emergency Room left Jenny reeling. Then she had a realization. While she cannot bring her husband back or change her own story, she can make sure others do not experience the same thing she did. She can move forward with a sense of purpose as a way of memorializing her husband and preventing this kind of gross miscommunication from happening again.

To date, Jenny has met with hospital personnel and was even asked to talk to ER staff with the hope that they will keep her story in mind when facing the fatalities they encounter regularly. She has written letters to her County Commissioner in Kissimmee/St. Cloud, FL, and works diligently with the PR representative for the Sheriff’s Department to educate Sheriff’s deputies on the importance of utilizing correct ECI in a timely manner.

As a realtor, Jenny is in her car constantly. She drives clients all over her area daily looking at new homes, or they follow her in their own vehicle. She has begun to promote TIFF’s Initiative to her local, state and national realtor associations to make sure all are registered in our ECI system.

We have a long way to go before everyone is registered. But with advocates like Jenny, who is turning her pain into purpose, we are getting closer to our goal of offering ECI in every state. Please share her story with your friends and loved ones. Take 2-3 minutes out of your day to register with TIFF. In a moment of crisis, it could make all the difference in the world.

Each month, we hope to highlight a few people who have become TIFF Ambassadors- friends, supporters, donors- who have chosen to join us in spreading the word about TIFF and are eager to represent TIFF through their business or just in their life. With their stories, we intend to raise awareness and bring hope to others. We must be the change. If you would like to become a TIFF Ambassador, please contact us through the TIFF Website for more information.

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