To Inform Families First

When emergencies happen


by Jennifer Mitchell

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Posted on Mar 27, 2018

Tonight as I pen this post, our fearless leader, Christine Olson, is representing this brave initiative at one of our area's most prestigious charitable fundraisers. Generosity, hosted by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, will line up the brightest and most deserving non-profits in four counties for businesses across the nation to support. Representatives of each charity will have the opportunity to explain and discuss their true passion, the heart and purpose of their being, as they persuade businesses to support them in the coming fiscal year. Business owners beware: you will be enticed, you will be moved, and you will be motivated by the passion and drive emanating from these organizations. As a result, you will support causes that continue to make our communities thrive. Your support and generosity are essential to the livelihood of our community’s heartbeat, and we are counting on you.

Christine began TIFF’s Initiative in 2010 after Christine lost her daughter, Tiffany, in a tragic traffic accident. Christine vowed as far as she was able, no parent would endure what she did: the agony of waiting for hours on end to hear whether or not their child was alive. With the help of State Representative Bill Galvano and others passionate about her cause, Christine compelled the state of Florida to create the first ever emergency-response system that would alert family members immediately of a loved one’s crisis. But the work has only just begun.

Anyone can start a nonprofit, but it takes true grit and determination to see it thrive, to watch a movement be born as means are made available, resources are unlocked and willing laborers are set to work making an idea a reality. None of that can happen without funding. This is where our amazing supporters come in. Christine has huge goals for her initiative, and they are so common sense they might just blow your mind. She hopes to see TIFF’s emergency system active in all 50 states, to have a global presence, and to truly make a difference in life or death decisions for families everywhere. However, without funding, she will find herself stunted and brought to a halt as she sees need but cannot meet those needs. Currently, her hands are tied.

Generosity is one means to provide financial support for TIFF. Another avenue will open up to you, our readership, very soon! On May 3-4, we will be hosting a Giving Challenge of our own! Mark your calendars and prepare to support a life-giving initiative that truly requires so little of anyone, but provides so much for everyone. It takes less than 2 minutes to register or donate, but it can mean the world in a life-or-death situation. Do you have a life-and-death story to share? Has TIFF impacted your life significantly? Share your story on our Facebook page - become part of a community that understands the significance of seconds and minutes during a crisis.

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