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A More Meaningful Valentine

by Jennifer Mitchell

Posted in: General
Posted on Feb 14, 2018

This particular holiday can conjure up so many emotions in different people. The forlorn, downcast, and unlucky-in-love seek to simply survive the barrage of pink and red candy hearts on every aisle of every store. The newly-attached enthusiastically draw on their creative juices to exhibit their significant feelings for their significant other. Personally, my favorite part of Valentine’s Day is seeing my daughters wake up to treats waiting for them at the breakfast table. We rarely eat breakfast together anymore, and definitely not all at the same time (they all leave the house at different times now). But when they were little, this was the tradition and it has stuck. So I buy the candy and plush toys, or something cute like socks with hearts on them. And can I be honest? I usually feel like I’m wasting my money. I’m buying things that will be consumed rapidly, or get tossed in a corner, or eaten by the dryer- most likely within the month. There’s nothing I give them that they can’t find on their own any day of the week or already have.

I spend money on these things to show my daughters how much I love them. But don’t I do that in other- more significant- ways every day? I love them when I cook them dinner, when I drive them to and from school, when I hug them at the end of a long day, and when I listen to the drama of teenage life. But the gifts are tokens and reminders of how much I love them- they are not the love themselves. The true love I have for my children is so much deeper than toys or chocolate. It’s the kind of love that protects at all costs, that would do anything to help them be successful, peaceful and confident as they go through life.

So this year, for Valentine’s Day, in addition to the trinkets that will be lost or eaten very soon, I am also making sure we are all registered with TIFF. If something happens to me or them, we all would want to know immediately- not hours later. It takes less than 2 minutes to register each of us, I can register all of my children since they’re over 5 years old, and it’s completely free. Why wouldn’t I give them a gift of love that goes deeper and lasts longer than anything I could buy for them? If you’d like to make sure you and the precious people in your life have the same peace of mind my family will, register today!

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